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Data Center




Exchange 2016

Co- Location 

Office Cloud




Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist 


• Call Transfer

• Intercom/ Paging

• Central Phonebook

• Call Parking / Pickup

•  Voicemail/ Music on Hold

• Message Waiting Indicator

• Receive Voice Mail via Email

• Presence of Your Colleagues 







• 100GB mailboxes

• Shared contacts

• Shared calendaring

• Email address @ your domain 





• Detection / Intrusion Prevention

• SPAM Filtering / Virus Filtering

• Invoiced based on the 95th percentile

• SLA (Service Level Agreement): 99.99%

• IP Addresses

• Installation takes 1-5 business days to complete

• 24x7 Monitoring w/ Client access





Complete Hosted Office


• Domain Name

• Exchange Mail Boxes

• Econnect Data Control Panel

• 1 TB Off Site Backup

• Remote Desktop Support

• Anti-Virus /

• Remote Desktop Support 

Jlink Provides Control Panel assess to all of your Vital Network, From Vcenter / Backup Monitoring / Email Backend Access.  To give you the level of access to complete your Mission. 


When hosting your own domain, or 100's of domain, Jlink Provides you with not only the tools to do that.  Jlink Offers a wide arrange of Dedicated, Shared as well as Virtual Server to meet your demands. 

Dedicated / Virtual

If Moving large amounts of files is required, Jlink offers a wide arrary of FTP services to meet that demand.  Jlink Allows small and large company to Create and maintain large or small Dedicated or Virtual Ftp Server to maintain your company files Secure and Backed up in a controlled enviroment. 

Dedicated / Virtual

Private VPN Services are the way to go when your company has multi-Locations and need to share data across the internet.  With Jlink Private VPN Services your comany can share data between location just as if you were sitting right on the network. 

Private VPN Service

Jlink Provides High Speed Wireless Access to Company that Need High Speed with out the Monthy cost of Fiber or Copper network.  Jlink Offers speed of 1.0 Gps To Customers for a fractiion of the cost of Tridital fiber

Wireless Network

   Jlink provides enterpise backup solutons to your company.  We can provide backup to your physical servers / Virtual servers as well as your local desktop computers










    Jlink offers 24/7 hands on support, If your systems needs attention at 2:00 am Jlink is your company.  We offer a seperior grade of  hands on services that you need when you need it day or night.


    Jlink can provide your company with daily, weekly, monthly backup.  Jlink Also provides arciving services to provide your company with  a weekly, monthly or yearly archiving services.

    JLink is a privately held company for 20 years, providing enterprise class services.  Jlink has that smaill town connection with an enterprise class network.  Bring you the best qualified engeneering and support class avaialble anywhere.

    Jlink provides hosting for domains all over the USA.  Jlink host any thing from your small business webpage to your Physical or Virtual Network.  PBX Hosting / Microsoft Exchange / Linux / Windows Servers are just a few services we offer.