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Windows Xp Setup
1. Click on the Start button, from that menu choose Connect to then choose Show all connections. That opens the Network Connections window: Double-click on your Local Area Connection if you don't have a Local Area Connection, click on "Create a new connection".

2. Check that your Ethernet card is listed under "Connect Using". Click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then click Properties


3. Check the following: IP address, Subnet mask, & Gateway. Use the following DNS server addresses.
DNS 1:
DNS 2:

4. Click OK, then click OK out of the LAN Connection Properties. You're Done!
Internet Explorer Setup Information
You may have to make the following changes to view web pages if you are using Internet Explorer. If you use Netscape, Opera, or another browser, you do not need to make these changes.
From the Start Menu, choose Control Panel to bring up the Control Panel window. In that window, double-click on Internet Options, that brings up the Internet Properties window.
On the General tab change the home page to Click on the Connections tab.

On the Connections tab check Never dial a connection. Then click the LAN Settings button.

In the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window, make sure that Automatically detect settings is checked.

Click OK, then click OK out of the Internet Properties window. You're Done!
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